Member of Turkish intelligence caught during Vienna attack confessed!


It was learned that a member of the MIT who was captured in Austria, admitted that he was a part of the Erdogan regime’s network of spies in Europe. The spy, whose identity is being kept a secret, is expected to be released after her confessions.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer announced on Tuesday that a member of the Turkish National Intelligence (MIT) was identified during an investigation which was launched into an attack by fascist Turks in the capital Vienna.

New information has emerged regarding the spy, whose identity has been kept secret. According to ANF’s research, the spy who is currently being detained in a prison in Vienna lived in the Upper Austria Province (Oberösterreich) before she was caught.

During a trip to Izmir in Turkey, the element was captured and only released on the condition that she would spy for Turkish intelligence in Austria. This agent, who was stated to be a woman, was caught in the pursuit of the police while professionally filming the attacks by pro-AKP-MHP nationalist groups in Vienna last June. She was detained on this basis.

The agent in question was detected to have had been messaging with the MIT headquarters through her mobile phone when she was detained, and made many confessions during the police interrogation.

This person, who explained in detail how she started working with the MIT, stated that the Erdogan regime is a part of the intelligence network that it established to monitor opposition groups, and especially the Kurds.