“Only with the freedom of Leader Öcalan are we free!”


Young people in France protested against the absolute isolation being imposed on the People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The activists carried out a march in the Viller le Bel suburb of Paris, the capital of France.

The action, organized with the slogan “For Freedom to Leader APO, Revolt Together”, started with the gathering of TCŞ and TEKO-JIN activists at Villers and Bel station at 19 o’clock. The colourful smoke flares lit by the young people marching through the city were visually striking.

People on the street supported the protest with applauses, where the posters of People’s Leader Öcalan and PKK, KCK and TCŞ flags were carried.

The march, which continued through the streets for a while, ended with a short statement in front of the Villers le Bel Democratic Kurdish Community Center. In a statement made after a moment of silence in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan, the Kurdish youth emphasized that they will always protect Leader Öcalan, and that only with his physical freedom, they can regard themselves as free.

The activists called all young people to uninterrupted action with the “Bi Hev Re Serhildan” move.