Turkey is using local tombstones to build military points in occupied Girê Spi


The terrorist Turkish state is using its jihadist proxies to build outposts in occupied Girê Spi with the tombstones it is collecting from local graveyards.

The Turkish state continues to launch attacks on the villages of Ain Issa and west of Girê Spi, adding to the 33 points and 5 military bases it has established in the villages of Ain Issa and Girê Spi it since occupying the regions.

According to sources local to the region, the mercenaries of the terrorist Turkish state are removing tombstones from the cemetery in the village of Kfifa, west of Girê Spi, which is under occupation. The tombstones are being used by the jihadists to build their military points and bases. These points are later used to abduct, torture and kill more civilians.