The traitor HPG warned: Cafer Benek exposed!


While the great resistance of the HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas continues in Heftanin, soldiers of the invading Turkish army are becoming more and more drained, pushing civilians to the front lines to fight Erdogan’s war.

The village guards, a group of paid villagers with no military training, are being forced to the front lines in the Heftanin war. The group of traitors, generally Kurdish civilians, are being used more comprehensively as Turkish soldiers continue to suffer syndromes, being psychologically and physically defeated by the guerrillas.

Who is Cafer Benek?

One of those involved in this invasion operation is Cafer Benek, the head of the gang. Cafer Benek, who was directly warned in a statement made by the Heftanin State Command, was born in 1975 in the Hilal town of Şirnax. He studied primary and secondary education in Hilal town. He started to work as a village guard in 1992.

Between 1992-2009, he served as the head of a village guard in Hilal town. He briefly became a candidate for AKP and was elected mayor in 2009. Later becoming head of the village guards, Cafer played a more active role in the operations of the Turkish state, continuing his betrayal in both launching operations with soldiers and promoting these  operations on land.

In 2014, he was elected mayor again. During this period, he conducted negotiations and carried out undercover duties with senior state officials. Since the occupying soldiers do not know how to navigate or use the lands of Kurdistan, Cafer personally takes care of the road construction works on the mountain, ridge and slopes to enable them to pass through difficult terrains.

In the operation launched by the invading Turkish state against Heftanin, Cafer Benek sends village guards to the region and meets all the needs of the soldiers.