EXCLUSIVE – Heftanin fighter Agir Dilgeş: “the only interlocutor of this war is the Leadership”


HPG guerrilla Agir Dilgeş, who is currently taking part in the resistance of Heftanin spoke to our agency and stated that they would take revenge on anyone who set foot in the name of invasion on the soil of Kurdistan.

Agir Dilgeş addressed the youth being enlisted for conscription under Turkish law.

“Kurdish or Turkish youth, or youth who live in Turkey and Kurdistan, who are being enlisted and deployed to the mountains of Kurdistan are being sent to death.”

Our interview with the Cenga Heftanin warrior, Guerilla Agir Dilgeş, is as follows:

What are the expectations of the Guerrillas fighting in the Heftanin war from our patriotic people and youth? What are the duties and responsibilities of the public and youth?

“My name is Agir Dilgeş. First of all, I commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution with respect. I wish a happy August 15 to our people and all their sympathizers.

The Kurdish people were subtracted from their culture and language, their roots had whithered. The only thing that remained in the name of Kurdishness was the name. When the party was founded, the fifteen August breakthrough began and took place under the leadership of our great commander Comrade Agit. Such a breakthrough started in Siirt (Eruh), and this spirit continues today in Heftanin.

The enemy has been launching comprehensive operations in Heftanin since 2019. In these operations, the Turkish military and the Turkish army could not hold on despite sparing all their technological weapons because of the resistance struggle of our comrades.

The enemy has received great blows from the freedom guerrillas on every hill they try to settle on, and the freedom guerilla derives its strength from the Kurdish people. The guerrilla has nothing to lose. The guerrilla has only one goal; the freedom of the people and their language and culture. The freedom guerillas are fighting for their people, for their Leadership.

Our expectations from our people and youth should be in serhildan (popular uprising). They should not submit to these attacks of the enemy. The freedom guerrilla is fighting a great struggle in Heftanin, despite all the technology of the invading Turkish army, there is a great resistance and struggle and the Kurdish people should know very well that this struggle is given for the freedom of the Kurdish people. The attacks being made here by the enemy are made to destroy the Kurdish people, to destroy the Kurdish people and youth. They must see this.

And the people should stand behind their guerrillas, they should participate, the Kurdish youth should join the guerrillas, they should become warriors and take their place in Heftanin, the Kurdish people should complete the guerrillas.

The people and the guerrillas must become one so that they can overthrow fascism, the Kurdish youth can play their role in the cities as well, they can burn the economy of fascism from within, they can burn the tools of fascism, let the Kurdish people and the Kurdish youth stand up and show fascism that the Kurdish people are not dead and are standing upright.

How is the resistance of Heftanin different from previous occupation attacks? What is the secret to the success of the modern guerrilla’s new style?

The Turkish army is conducting the largest operation in its history, in Heftanin. The first reason for this is a philosophy of freedom. Secondly, it is the desire to destroy the Kurdish people. It is not only attacking to end the PKK. It is attacking to annihilate the entire Kurdish people and is attacking four parts of Kurdistan. Today, it attacks Heftanin, tomorrow it  attacks Zap, Zagros, Xakurke.

Fascism is making an all-out attack. This may be based on an ideology, a philosophy of fascism. But how long can a philosophy focused on destroying humanity survive?

Certainly, the guerrilla has an ideology, a philosophy, and a strong belief. This is a philosophy based on healing humanity. And with this belief, ideology and philosophy, they raise the resistance for the Kurdish people specifically but for all peoples in the long-run. The guerrilla’s aim is to stop this fascism, stop slavery and liberate the Kurdish people, let the Kurdish people live free in their land.

Today, the modern guerrillas are carrying out tactical actions, carrying out attacks against the enemy’s intelligence tools, and implementing the stealth of the modern guerrilla, actively responding to all attacks. It is based on a small number of people, but gives importance to quality, creativity, a stronger belief and a style which is oriented on staying alive.

To fight, to survive, and to resist, to destroy the enemy is the goal. And it is being lived to the fullest. Hundreds of soldiers died in Haftanin, but the Turkish army is hiding this, not reporting it to the media, but by making false news, it says that there are no guerillas left in Heftanin, and in this way, it is waging a psychological war.

The Turkish special war media insists on hiding their losses but the footage broadcast by Guerilla TV shows the losses of the Republic of Turkey one by one. Nevertheless, it is not hard to image that not all actions can be recorded. What can you say about this?

Guerrilla TV have shot and broadcast the footage of many actions, but sometimes we are not in a position to record footage due to the natural circumstances of the war. Nevertheless, the enemy has hundreds of casualties, but the Turkish fascist state does not reflect this to the press wanting to deceive the Kurdish and Turkish people by creating the narrative of a success-story in Heftanin. Our people should not believe them.

They list the names of supposedly killed guerrillas in tens and hundreds. Why do they not reveal the names of killed soldiers?

Look, the Turkish Army deliberately continues to push the war to the border lines because they can only hide the corpses there. The Turkish soldiers are experiencing the fear and psychology of death every day, and when they see the corpses of the soldiers next to them, we hear their cries and screams.

Turkish fascism has been attacking Kurdish history, language and culture for millennia, but now it is our turn to take a step without technology, to bring down the shepherd of the herds of soldiers trying to occupy our land. The soldiers get lost on the hills and in the fields. On the few hills which they are placed, there is no water. We carried water on our backs to those hills, what will those soldiers do? Until when will cobras bring them water every day? The cobra cannot bring water every day, and when it does, the guerrillas will shoot it because it also brings supplies to shoot at the guerrillas.

They can decieve themselves as much as they want, the only interlocutor of this war is the Leadership. We will fight until they bow at the Leader’s feet. We will not stop fighting. Reconnaissance planes are constantly flying to prevent the actions of the friends, but the guerrilla’s style and tactics negate this technology.

What will be your call to the Kurdish youth who are being forced to fight, to serve in the military service of the colonial regime?

The enemy is attacking for one thing; it wants to destroy the Kurdish people. Let the collaborators and contras know well that their turn will come too. The turn of those who lead these operations will come. For the guerrillas, forgetting is betrayal. We will never forget the traitors who led this occupation.

I’m telling the young people who are being enlisted in the military: Don’t come and be the killer of your brother, schoolmate, roommate, or friends. The guerrillas will take revenge on anyone who sets foot in the name of invading Kurdistan’s land. Do not forget, you will definitely pay.

Kurdish and Turkish youth, or youths who live in Turkey and Kurdistan, who are being enlisted and deployed to the mountains of Kurdistan are being sent to death. When you do not come, they kill you in the barracks or in the procession making it seem as if they died in an accident or they committed suicide. Why are there so many cases of soldiers who died under supposed ‘accidental circumstances’?

The Kurds who lead the enemy, who have sold themselves, those who are village guards, should leave being village guards and return to their own truth. Let them not extend arms to their own children. Kurdish youth everywhere should join the guerrillas, and the metropolitans should take strong actions.

Today is the day of revenge, the day of our people, the day of the freedom of our Leader.”

NC// Laleş Rênas