YBŞ Command confirms Turkish UAV attack on Shengal yesterday


The YBŞ Command detailed the UAV attack by the Turkish state yesterday (August 25), against the protection forces of Shengal.

In a written statement, the YBŞ command said: “As everyone knows, the Turkish state has attacked our forces with UAVs several times before, and finally, on June 15, they carried out extensive attacks with warplanes.

Armed UAV’s belonging to the Turkish state have also attacked our forces this evening as UAVs activity continues.

Detailed explanations will be made regarding this activity.”

No comment

The KDP has made no comment regarding the fascist attacks committed by the invading Turkish state, while several videos showing the collaboration of the traitorous Peshmerga with rapist Turkish soldiers keeps surfacing.

Betraying Shengal once again after withdrawing its forces from Shengal while ISIS was preparing to launch an offensive to seize the area, the corrupt KDP regime has made clear that it stands with the fascist Turkish state despite what this may mean for the Kurdish people.

Unable to put its forces into Shengal after it was liberated, the betraying Barzani family called for the forces formed by the people of Shengal to unite with the KDP.

The silence of the KDP has sparked fear amongst international solidarity groups as well as Kurdish organisations, with platforms such as Rise Up 4 Rojava releasing calls for global action against Turkish aggression, a call the KDP was too afraid to make.

US supports attackers 

The US has also supported the call made by Barzani, suggesting that Iraq, Turkey, and the KRG work together in Shengal to expel the Self-Defence Forces or “pro-PKK forces,” forming “a civilian administration from locals in the area.”

Shengal’s administrative system is already a prototype of the Autonomous Administration model being implemented in Rojava.

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