Countdown to Long March begins: Thousands to march for Leader Ocalan


The Long March protest, which is traditionally held every year for the freedom of the People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, is to take place from 5 to 11 September this year from Hannover to Hamburg.

The slogan determined for this years action is: ‘Ji Bo Azadîya Rêber APO, Bi Hev Re Serhildan’ (For the Freedom of Leader APO, Revolt Together).

The Long March action, which has been organized under the leadership of Kurdish youth in Europe for more than 20 years with the demand of “Freedom for Peoples Leader Abdullah Öcalan”, is being organised this year within the scope of the “Bi Hev Re Serhildan (Revolt Together)” move.

The Action Organizing Committee issued a statement through our agency for the Long March action, where the participation of hundreds of young people from France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, England and all across Europe is expected.

In its statement, the committee emphasized the importance of the Long March action they will take in this period when the fascism of the Turkish state is attacking in all regions of Kurdistan and the absolute isolation imposed upon Peoples Leader Abdullah Öcalan is deepening.

All Kurdish and internationalist youth were urged to participate in the action.

The program is as follows:

Day 1: Hanover-Lehrte Day 2: Lehrte-Celle Day 3: Celle-Unterlüß Day 4: Unterlüß-Lüneburg Day 5: Lüneburg-Winsen-Luhe Day 6: Winsen-Luhe-Harburg

Day 7: Harburg-Hamburg