Marseille Revolutionary Youth march against the isolation of Leader Abdullah Ocalan


Activists of the Tevgera Ciwanen Soresger (Revolutionary Youth Movement) marched in Marseille, France, to draw attention to the absolute isolation being imposed on the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan. Activists attending the march showed great anger towards the fascist Turkish state.

As part of the ‘Bi Hev Re Serhildan’ move, young people who gathered in Belle de Mai started a march in protest of the isolation being imposed on the people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan.

While Turkish and Kurdish slogans were chanted against Turkish fascism during the march, the anger of the young people was reflected in their slogans.

After the march through the main and side streets of Marseilles, the young people made a short statement.

Stating that they will not accept the the cooperation of the KDP or the invasion attacks of the Turkish state against Heftanîn and Rojava, the youth stated that the physical freedom of the People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who is tried to be removed from the agenda, is fundamental to the youth.

Calling on all youths to organize and take action with the “Bi Hev Re Serhildan” move, the young people concluded by calling for participation in the Long March action that will start in Hannover on September 5-11.