New music from the Youth – Bi Hev Re Serhildan


Under their new slogan “Bi hev re serhildan!” (Revolt together), the TCŞ and TEKO-JIN organizations called for all Kurdish and anti-fascist youth living in Europe to act together.


“Revolt, fist fight, youth from abroad, writes on the wall, „Ilyas needs to get out“,
Stuttgart Standard, PKK Location, kurdish youth,
we are the answer, martial arts, downtown, partys in Stuttgart,
youth on the streets and the cop takes the brunt of it,
Schlossplatz gangs, stones on officers,
we are wearing masks because they hunt for us,
panes of banks are breaking, shops get looted, anger without limits,
if you see the flames then raise your head,
the state wants to oppress you, you show your pride,
we are the pride of Serokatî,
Kurdish youth we never surrender, democracy, the foundation from below,
youth block demo, bengalos inflame, kurdish scarves, faces covered, roaring illegal paroles in the black block

revolt together, rap berxwedan, against fascism, bi hevre serhildan

stand up, defend the revolution, death to fascism, to isolation, youth revolt on the streets, berxwedan
bi hevre serhildan, stand up defend rojava, kurdish youth and antifa with the pioneering role of the young women, bi hevre serhildan”

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