BREAKING: HPG guerrillas hit invading Turkish soldiers from 5 metre distance!


HPG (People’s Protection Forces) Press Office made a written statement regarding the actions carried out by the guerrillas and the attacks of the fascist Turkish state.

The following details were included in the HPG statement:

“Within the scope of the ongoing Revolutionary Victory Campaign in the Serhat Province, our forces carried out an effective action against the invading Turkish army. Details of the action taken are as follows;

On August 28, at 00:00, a unit belonging to the invading Turkish army, which was laying out traps in the area between Serêkaniyê and the Girberana outposts in the Bazid (Doğubeyazıt) district of Ağrı, was taken under surveillence by our forces.

The enemy unit, which took action in the area with the support of reconnaissance planes at 05:00 on August 29, was effectively hit by our forces from a distance of 5 metres. The invaders, shot at close range, panicked as a result of their heavy losses and fled the area.

In this action, where the enemy unit was hit with effective blows, a total of 8 enemy soldiers, one of which was high-ranking, were punished.

Following the action, a fire was started in the field as a result of the invading Turkish army randomly bombing the surrounding areas with heavy weapons. The fire continues.

While this operation force withdrew from the area on August 29 at 11:00 with the support of reconnaissance planes, the invading Turkish army conducts traps in the area.”

Hiding their losses

The occupying Turkish state is hiding its losses from the public through the private war media under its control by making false reports that only 2 soldiers were lost in the conflict.

The statements and news provided by the occupying state is complete private warfare and has nothing to do with reality.”

Two positions hit

“Within the scope of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Campaign, our forces carried out an action targeting the positions of the invading Turkish army on the Girê Hill in Hakkari’s Çelê (Çukurca) district at 19:00 on August 28.

The number of soldiers who were punished and wounded could not be determined in this action where 2 enemy positions were effectively hit, being destroyed together with the invading soldiers inside.”

Fire in Avaşin

“On August 29, at noon, the invading Turkish army bombed Mawata, Dirê Village and Geliyê Basya areas of Medya Defense Zones in the Avashin region with howitzer and mortar shells. The fire, which started in the area as a result of these bombardments, still continues.”