Special operations pigs kill civilian in Antakya road rage


In Antakya’s Kavaslı Neighborhood, the shopkeepers who intervened and tried to stop a fight were attacked by terrorist special operations police. Tradesman Mustafa Şahin lost his life as a result of the fire opened by the special operations pig Sergen Özkanca, and the condition of Mehmet Yıldızbaş, who was seriously injured, is critical.

In Antakya’s Kavaslı Neighborhood, a dispute erupted between two civilian vehicles, one of which was being used by special operations police. Quickly turning into road rage, one of the terrorist police drew his gun and shot two local shop keepers Mehmet Yıldızbaş and Mustafa Şahin.

Mehmet, who had hurried to the scene to stop the fight between the police and civilians, was killed by the police while Mustafa’s condition is critical.