BREAKING: Gerilla TV Share footage of HPG action in Zagros


HPG Press Center shared that within the scope of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Campaign, the guerrilla forces targeted the Gemanê Police Station “with sabotage tactics”  at 08.40 on July 18, and  a vehicle belonging to the invading Turkish army “advancing from the Çarçella area in the Zagros region, in the direction of the Şemzînan (Şemdinli) district of Hakkari”.

The HPG continued, “while the enemy vehicle was hit with a direct blow was completely destroyed, a total of 7 enemy soldiers, including 1 lieutenant and 1 contra, were punished and 1 soldier was injured. The occupying forces, who started an operation in the area after the action, removed the dead and wounded soldiers and vehicle wreckage from the area. “