Womens Civil Defence Units hit Erdogan’s collaborators in Amed and Adiyaman


Retaliation Teams of YPS-JIN reported that they have carried out actions in Amed and Adıyaman within the scope of the “revenge against colonists and agents-collaborators move”. The actions were listed as follows:

“Our Retaliation Teams carried out an action against drug dealers in Amed’s Şehitlik District at around 22:30 pm on August 25. Drug dealers who were involved in the sabotage act fled the scene.

On August 23, at 21:30, the A-101 market in the Seyrantepe district of Amed was hit with bombs. As a result of the action, the market belonging to colonists became unusable.

In the evening hours of August 24, a factory belonging to an AKP collaborator named M.Y. was burned in the Adıyaman Altınşehir District Small Industrial Site. As a result of the action, the factory became unusable. ”

A social revolutionary reflex

YPS-JIN Martyr Sarya Rozerin Retaliation Teams added: “We will destroy the corrupt marginal lifestyle and the money coffers that the Erdogan family wants to create in Kurdistan. We will not allow them either in our city, in our neighborhood or in our streets.

These actions are a social revolutionary reflex against those who impose corruptness on Kurdistan.

These kinds of actions will continue against those who pollute our society. Whoever betrays the Kurdish society for their dirty ambitions will be a victim too. Whoever imposes prostitution, drugs and betrayal in Kurdistan, they will also be destroyed.

We are once again calling on our society to take action against prostitution, drugs and betrayal. We, as women, do not accept this kind of life and state that we will act against them everywhere.”