BREAKING: Martyr Zerdeşt Che revenge units hit Turkish police in Wan


A revenge unit of the DGH and DGK-H movements carried out an action against a police station in the Süphan neighborhood of Wan’s Edremit district, they shared in a statement.

According to the statement of the DGH and DGK-H movements, on August 27, the Martyr Zerdeşt Che Red Revenge unit affiliated to them carried out an action against a unit of the invading Turkish police in the police department of Edremit district of Wan. The action was carried out using hand-made explosives.

DGH continued: “Although the number of wounded or killed deputies or police could not be determined, the entire neighborhood was blocked after the action. While many armored vehicles and special operations police were being dispatched to the region, our unit safely retreated from the area.”

Red Revenge

“We have stated that we will target all police and guard posts within the framework of the Red Revenge move we have initiated. As we said, we are as close to the  police, soldiers, guards and collaborators walking through Kurdistan as their shadows. They will not be able to escape the wrath of our Red Revenge campaign.

Whoever is involved in the occupation policies in Kurdistan will be the target of our Red Revenge move. All the occupying police and soldiers wandering through our streets will be the victims of our hatred.

Once again, we reiterate our call for all the youth of Kurdistan to form a Red Revenge unit and take active action in all areas without any fear.”