EXCLUSIVE: Kurdish youth in Switzerland on ‘Bi Hev Re Serhildan’ and the Heftanin resistance


The glorious resistance of the Kurdistan freedom guerrilla in Heftanîn, where the occupying Turkish state has been attacking with all technical means for more than 2 months, was reflected by Kurdish youth living in Europe through the ‘Bi Hev Re Serhildan’ or ‘Revolt Together’ move launched by the organizations TCŞ and TEKO-JIN.

Our agency spoke to members of the ‘Bi Hev Re Serhildan’ campaign, about the victorious fight by the guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan, and the influence which this has on young people in Europe. The transcript of our interview is as follows:

As you know, the guerrillas have conducted a great resistance against the occupation and genocide attacks of the Turkish state in Heftanin for more than 2 months. What do you think of this resistance?


recep-300x169-6853000“Of course, the fascist Turkish State is trying to intensify its genocide policies on the Kurdish people as usual. Increasing attacks finally reached their peak Heftanîn. Despite using all its technical means, the guerrilla has carried out a glorious resistance. The guerrilla, which has been gaining experience breathlessly for 36 years since the first bullet was thrown in Eruh on August 15, has been demonstrating great resistance against the fascist Turkish state in Heftanin with its new tactics.

Despite all their technical difficulties, the armaments, tanks, and new weapons of which we have not even heard of, the guerrilla demonstrates a great resistance there with a great technique and strategy and inflicts heavy losses on the Turkish state.

Cenga Heftanîn is a second Zap, or maybe it will surpass Zap with the name of Heftanîn echoing all over the world.”


yunus-300x169-3401123“There has been a great resistance in Heftanîn for 2 months. There is indeed a fist-fist fight. In this struggle, many friends lost their lives and became martyrs. There was a friend I knew too, Memyan Koçer. We got to know each other in the country. We had also fought together. We can understand from the struggle of this friend, how magnificent and important this resistance is.

The aim of the Turkish state with this latest attack concept is to carry out the Kurdish massacre. It is to end the Kurdish resistance, the Kurdish Freedom Movement, and to use all Kurds as slaves. Maybe this is not spoken about, but this is what is proved in practice.

A great resistance has been created. Today is the anniversary of the August 15 resistance. It is the anniversary of the first bullet shot at the enemy. In fact, it is the first bullet to be fired against slavery. Therefore, the Turkish state wants to turn the Kurds into slaves with a genocide. Therefore, it is necessary to explain the resistance of Heftanin in every field, be it in Europe or Kurdistan. All Kurdish youth everywhere should embrace and develop this move.”


muhammed-300x169-5674492“I am from the Serhad region of Kurdistan. I am currently living in Switzerland. First, we can state the following. Turkey clogged up the Middle East, trying to justify attacking the gains of the Kurdish people through world politics. While Turkey wanted to legitimize itself by attacking Serekanîye and Afrin yesterday, it is trying to revive deceased politics by attacking Heftanîn today.

We can state this: Just as it was defeated in Zap yesterday, it will be defeated today in Heftanîn. The Turkish state has no chance against the guerrillas and the resistance of the Kurdish people.”


c4b0brahim-300x169-6573905“As European youth, we salute the resistance of Heftanin and the actions of the Kurdish Revolutionary Movement. As youth, we will continue all our actions with a strong and youthful approach on all European streets as much as we can.”

As you know, European Kurdish youth movements Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger and Jinên Ciwan ên Têkoşer started a new move: Bi Hev Re Serhildan. How do you evaluate this move as a Kurdish youth, where do you see yourself in this move? And finally, what is your message to young people?


“As young people who have just arrived in Europe or were born here, we have great duties to participate in the with the “Bi Hev Re Serhildan” move. As a society we are facing a great war. In fact, we have our duties and responsibilities to ensure victory in the war in Kurdistan. This war is not only the war of the guerrilla or the war of the people or only in Amed, Heftanin, or Rojava. The Kurds should feel this war everywhere in their hearts.

Young people should develop the “Bi Hev Re Serhildan” move with this feeling and ownership.

We, as youth, should embrace this move and increase our resistance against all oppression in Kurdistan. I repeat, we must definitely and absolutely embrace the resistance in Kurdistan. We must increase our resistance in every area we are in, on the street, in every city and country, wherever we are, regardless of whether we are in the city or on the mountain. We must continue our struggle together in an organized manner.”


“The youth of Kurdistan have initiated such historical moves before. And with these moves made great contributions to the Kurdistan revolution. I find myself at the heart of this move. With such moves, we can liberate the people of Kurdistan and its youth.”


“The move was greeted in many areas. However, this is not enough. It needs to be explained more and reach out to everyone. It should be explained not only to Kurdish youth, but also to European society. Just as the whole world stood up for one person after the murder of George Floyd in America in this last period, today the whole world can stand up against the genocide against Kurds in Heftanin. We have this opportunity and we can achieve it. It just matters; If we involve ourselves in this move, we can also add our own circle to this move. For example, the Klima Streik (Climate Actions), Frauen Streik (Women’s Strikes) actions and many youth movements in Europe organize actions. One can participate in their actions, and a great resistance can be created by including them in the move. With this move, we can announce the glorious resistance in Heftanin throughout Europe. The only important thing is to focus and make it happen.

My message to all young people who see themselves as Kurds, patriots, socialists, democrats and ecologists is this: Let’s claim this move. It is a time of revolt against the concept of genocide put into action by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people.

In the 21st century, the Turkish state only tries to suppress and assimilate the Kurdish people with all its might. For this, it is time for all of us, as Kurdish youth, to meet and stand up against this extinction, around the “Bi Hev Re Serhildan” move and the resistance of Cenga Heftanîn.”


“As you know, we have started this move about 3 months ago, in order to be able to respond to Kurdistan in all areas of Europe. We want to make the content of the move full. As the name suggests, we want to participate in a unified road map according to the style of the youth. In addition, our actions will continue in all of Europe.

My call to young people in Europe is this: Everyone should be strongly involved in these actions. Because this case is the case of all Kurdish people. We also want to participate as youth.”