Institutionalised rape and murder in the pit of hostility which is the AKP’s Kurdish-policy


Musa Orhan is being described as a murderer and a rapist by the public. Of course, he is the correct definition of both words, but it must be noted that such words tell only half the story.

Considering that Musa Orhan was released within 7 days, a suspicion is created because Musa Orhan is not an ordinary pervert, a psychopath, or a drunken businessman like they often paint the rapist. The private and psychological war institution, which is taking very conscious steps in this case, is thoroughly-prepared to do what has to be done, to ensure Musa is not legally responsible for his actions. This institution, is such an institution that it is able to look past this slaughter and immorality. In fact, this slaughter and immorality is its main goal, with Kurdish women at the centre of its loaded barrels.

In this respect, today in Kurdistan and Turkey, women and children are exposed to rape with every step they take, on every street they turn to. Whether is carried out by the soldiers and police of the fascist state, or whether it is implemented by civilians in organizations and institutions owned by the AKP, take Ansar Foundation for example, raping has become a norm in the pit of hostility which is the AKP’s Kurdish-policy.

What happened to Ipek Er is not an isolated event. If you noticed, immediately after the Musa Orhan case was off the agenda, a non-commissioned officer in Van sexually raped a 16-year-old child.

Of course, soldiers and police are the direct cadres of this policy. The indirect cadres of this ideology are those who murder their wives, lovers, daughters or siblings, at work, on the road, or anywhere on the planet. When we think about the harassment and attacks women suffer in all areas of life, we will see how broad the target of this policy is. A whole society is targeted, and the only force standing against this white genocide being carried out against half of the world’s population, is in fact the rebellious women fighting against unscrupulous male state policies.

To be continued…