Messages bewteen rapist Turkish soldiers revealed in Ipek Er case!


In messages between specialist sergeant Musa Organ and Ipek Er, who he raped, it was revealed that the rapist sergeant had walked free after raping other women. Replying to a message by Ipek Er asking why he raped her, the rapist Turkish soldier confessed: “Nothing will happen to me, I have done it before.”

Specialist rapist Sergeant Musa Orhan abducted 18-year-old Ipek Er over 20 days, raping and intoxicating her during this period. He constantly threatened Ipek stating that he would kill her if she told anyone, she revealed in a letter she wrote before committing suicide.

The rapist Turkish authorities took Musa into custody after protests continued to erupt around the case and increasing rates of femicide and rape being directed by authorities of the Turkish state against Kurdish women. The rapist was released only a few days after being taken in.

Musa was later arrested on charges of ‘sexual abuse’ after the young woman committed suicide, which added fuel to the anger by women’s liberationists and freedom rights organisations, forcing the fascist Turkish state to very unwillingly take action. Again, Musa Orhan was released by the rapist authorities, despite substantial evidence, on the grounds that there was no suspicion that he would try to escape during proceedings.

The messages between Musa Orhan and his soldier friend who knew about the abduction and rape are as follows:

“Brother, what did you do with the girl?”
“I am tired, she’s been with me for 15 days”
“Dear God, do not get into trouble”
“No problem, I have experience, my brother”
“Bring her to me too once in a while”
“Come on, stop being difficult”