Hacktivist group Mesopotamia Hackers deny any members have been arrested


Hacktivist group Mesopotamia Hackers shared a statement after the fascist Turkish state recently conducted countless house raids and operations targetting the group. The Hacker group shared that despite the false claims of the Turkish state’s psychological warfare channels, none of the group members have been arrested.

The group referred to such lies as a perception game and reassured that all members will continue their actions and struggles more effectively.

Mesopotamia Hackers stated the following in the statement they shred in relation to the attacks:

“As it is known, the judicial bodies of the occupying Turkish state have started a comprehensive custody spree across the country. According to the media and press organs of the occupying Turkish state, this spree of arrests is aimed at the members of our group “Mesopotamia Hackers”.

The Kurdish freedom struggle shows its presence in the virtual world, just as it should in every field. This struggle is for the Kurdish people and its freedom movement, against the Turkish state’s mercenary cyber groups and pool media, it is the reprisals against distortions and groundless news, slurs, perception operations, the sharing of deceptive-false information, attacks on the social media accounts and internet addresses of the Kurdish people.

We carry out this struggle in a virtual environment with the motto of reflecting the truths to the public as they are.”

The hackers continued, “Whenever the dirty policies of the occupying Turkish state such as destruction, denial, assimilation, and displacement against the Kurdish people are dysfunctional, they hanged on to psychological warfare and resorted to perception operations. History is full of such examples. In the recent past, it has been revealed that the people detained and arrested during the operations against the virtual structuring of the Kurdish freedom movement are innocent and have no relations with us. The operations being carried out these days which are said to be aimed at us are a part and continuation of this perception.

Although we do not know the detainees, all of our members are in place and on duty. (All of our members are abroad.) We are virtual guerrillas, we are nowhere, but also everywhere.

Concluding, the Hacktivist group added: “We have a message for our people. Just as we burn those who want to burn us, we will continue to hit those who try to assimilate us with their own tongue.

Our actions, our struggle and our determination will continue increasingly and more effectively… We salute all our people and offer our love and respect to those resisting in Heftanin, those struggling in Rojava, our honourable people who are resisting in prisons, all the people of Kurdistan and its leader, President Apo.”