YPS and YPS-Jin respond to fascist attack against Kurdish workers: Actions will be heightened!


The YPS and YPS-Jin coordinators shared a joint statement regarding the attack against Kurdish hazelnut-field workers in Sakarya by Turkish fascists. The Civil Defence Units expressed that this attack is an example of many atrocities being implemented against Kurdish people because of their identity. Stating that for the fascist Turkish state and its supporters the only good Kurds are the dead ones, the units emphasized the need for radical action to be taken on the streets of Kurdistan against the genocidal policies of the Turkish state.

In the statement made, YPS and YPS-Jin stated that “the fascist attacks by the colonialist Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP government against the Kurdish people are increasing day by day.

Unable to push the Kurds to surrender or defeat them even though the Kurds have been under the grip of genocide for centuries, the Turkish Republic carries its attacks to a point beyond humanity. Day by day, these attacks are increasing to new record levels.

The Turkish state and AKP-MHP ruling gang, which knows no boundaries in its hostility against the Kurds, continue their genocide and occupation policies with the most outrageous methods that have no place in any human morality.

On the one hand, the Turkish state and AKP-MHP ruling gang is raping Kurdish women to intimidate them and on the other hand, Turkey is trying to lead to the decimation of Kurdish workers by attacking Kurds in Turkish cities. The AKP-MHP ruling gangs, which are not able to push the Kurdish people to surrender through policies of force, oppression, and cruelty, are trying to break the will of the people with these racist and immoral attacks, to suffocate them by leaving them dysfunctional and breathless.

This fascist order which attacks even Kurdish cemeteries and reaches perverted hands to the children and women of the Kurdish people, most recently carried out a racist attack against 16 hazelnut workers who travelled to Sakarya from Mardin Mazıdağı to work.

The Kurdish people in Turkey must know that these racist attacks being made are a result of a policy which shows the Kurds as a target and a tool to exploit or kill. This policy which is no different to slavery, is being used as a method of forcing the Kurds to surrender. These Kurdish workers are not the only ones attacked in Sakarya, one of the few places in Turkey with employment opportunities. This attack is a deliberate attack on the will, existence and values ​​of the Kurdish people.”


“The Kurdish people should be able to respond to these attacks by self-defence. Keeping silent against the massacres and attacks that the Turkish state sees appropriate for the Kurdish people, is no different to  being a partner in these massacres and attacks.

Yesterday they murdered Barış Çakan in Ankara, today they hit Kurdish women carrying their children in Sakarya. If we do not improve our self-defence, we will face immoral practices elsewhere tomorrow. For this, everybody, regardless of age, whether they are old or young, needs to be organized on the basis of self-defence and have self-defence tools with them.

The Kurdish people should respond to these racist attacks everywhere with a reflex of self-defence and raise the resistance to the highest level everywhere.

As the self-defence units of Kurdistan standing against the Turkish state and the genocidal AKP-MHP government, we will fight against the fascism in our streets with the most radical methods. We will make those responsible pay for these fascistic, colonial and attacks. We will avenge the Kurdish massacres by holding to account the people behind these racist attacks against the Kurds.

We call all our YPS and YPS-Jin units, all revenge units and retaliation teams in Kurdistan and Turkish cities, to amplify the fight against fascism and racism and to heighten actions of revenge.”