Young women flood the streets of Qamishlo, “The revolution in Rojava is our revenge for Sara”


Yekîtiya Jinên Ciwan (Young Women’s Union) filled the streets of Qamishlo today protesting the massacre of 3 Kongra Star Members by Turkish warplanes, and the attack against women in Bakûr (North Kurdistan) and Rojava (West Kurdistan).

The young women held photographs of the three kongra Star members who were specifically targeted in a Turkish airstrike in Kobanê. Speaking to Nuce Ciwan cameras, the young woman expressed strong reactions to the fascist and sexist attacks of the terrorist Turkish state. The young women reject Turkish occupation in Rojava as well as anywhere else in Kurdistan, and especially in Heftanin and Kobanê.

Speaking on behalf of Yekîtiya Jinên Ciwan, Özgür said,

“We bow with respect in the memory of our hero martyres and we reiterate the promise that we will remain loyal to their ideals. The invading fascist Turkish state continues its attacks in Kurdistan to destroy us. In Bakûrê Kurdistan, they target and kill women and youth, the two most influential elements of the society, and put them in the dungeons.

Invasion attacks continue in the Heftanin region of Başûrê Kurdistan. We know very well that these attacks are the continuation of the international conspiracy. They deliberately attack the young women in the places they occupy, killing them.

The occupying Turkish state has not been able to destroy us in the past 40 years because it is not fighting against an army, it is fighting against a people, a youth, a woman. That is why they target women who are pioneers of resistance, so they targeted Zehra.

Remember, we achieved the Rojava Revolution because you took Sara away from us. The revolution of Rojava was revenge for Sara. Be sure, once again, that we will not leave the blood of our martyrs on the ground.”